Donlink Investment covers commercial, cultural and tourism real estate development and equity investment.

1) With commercial and cultural tourism real estate as the core, jointly develop Donlink Headquarters Economic Building - International Commerce Place, commercial and residential complex in the East of Guangzhou – Dongling Square, the culture and tourism attraction of the East of Guangzhou – Junming Paradise and many other well-known real estate projects.

2) Donlink holds shares of Asia-Potash International Investment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (Code: 000893), which focuses on potash exploitation, production and sales. Asia-Potash owns two high-quality potash mining rights of 35 square kilometers in Khammuane Province, Lao PDR., and 79.8 square kilometers in PhangX a- NongPois. It is the first enterprise in the world's new potash region to achieve industrial mass production and economic benefits.

3) Donlink cooperates with Louis Dreyfus Group, which is one of the world's top 500 companies, to build an ecological closed-loop park integrating grain trade and processing, high-tech food innovation and plant clean energy in the Greater Bay Area. The total investment exceeds 7 billion yuan, expecting a revenue of over 22 billion yuan after being put into operation. The projects include feed protein processing, high-tech ecological breeding, bulk grain trade, innovative food research and development and production, plant clean energy projects, etc.

4) Relying on years of experiences and superior resources in the grain & oil and machinery industries, Donlink has established a professional investment department, focusing on high-tech and new consumption fields. We tend to select high-quality investment targets to generate sustainable long-term investment returns for our investors. Currently, we have participated investments, including: Gokin Solar (a domestic solar photovoltaic silicon wafer unicorn company), Jiuling Lithium Industry (a domestic leading supplier of lithium products), Inventchip Technology (a domestic automotive grade SiC MOSFET product expert), PCG Power (a commercial and industrial distributed PV power plant investment developer).